Schwentinental, Deutschland

Happy new year everyone. I hope you had a great time with family and friends. 2015 is over so it is time for a little recap and my top 10 landscape and travel pictures.

First off all i managed to upgrade my site to WordPress in 2015. I have to admit, I am still trying to figure out how thinks work and I am not quite satisfied with everything but we are getting there. I hope you like what you see so far. If you have any suggestions for improvement I would like to hear from you.

In 2015 we didn’t have a winter per se. Wonderful snowy landscape completely absent. Anyway the weather was not bad all the time and this sunset over Kiel from February belongs definitely to my favorites.


In April we managed to visit New York / USA for the first time. What a great experience! Even when it was still a little cold we had a wonderful time. New York offers such a variety of photo opportunities that I did not know where to point my camera first. Spectacular off course are the sparkling lights at night.

Downtown-Manhattan-Skyline-at-night Downtown-Manhattan-from-Empire-State-Building-at-night

Of course the baltic sea coast close to home is a wonderful place as well. This image was taken short after sunset in May.


From May on we also reactivate our Camp-let to get out. This picture was taken at the lake of Schwerin in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.


Summer is always too short and I was not able to nail a date for a trip with a hot air ballon. I suppose this would have provided some great pictures as well. Anyway, 2016 is in front of us and I am sure this year I will manage it. The following image was taken on a dull, grey day in August on the beach of Schönberg. When it looks like there is nothing to take in the first place sometime it can help to abstract thinks by blurring the scene.


In October we spend some time in France and managed to make a little detour to Mont Saint Michel in Normandie. Light was not all that great this day but the following three picture came out quite nice, in my opinion.

Le-Mont-Saint-Michel Le-Mont-Saint-Michel-black-and-white

As we had low tide we had a great view over the endless mud flat around Mont Saint Michel. The hikers looked like colorful ants in the open field.


Dahlia flowers were still blooming so I took our my macro lens and snapped this close-up.


During our stay in France very kind friends offered me this fine bottle of cognac. Back home I took it in my small studio and tried myself on some product shoots. A great help was the video from Karl Taylor in which he set up a shoot with very little equipment.


So, that’s it. These are my top 10 (or 11, I could not decide which version of Mont Saint Michel I like best) of 2015. The order is throughout the year rather than from best to less good. I hope you like them as well and I am curious what 2016 will bring.